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Welcome to Chill 4 Charity 2022

Monday, 23 May 2022
Auditorium -- 13:00 to 14:45

Hello, agent.

You are instructed to vibe at the target location.
Below are some faces you might meet on your mission. There might be more of them than we know, be on the lookout on the day!


Band: Airbag

A ragtag team rockers aiming to create noise and make everyone jump around. A drummer with unassuming look, but he will break your heart and it will sound like a cymbal crash. The guitarist shreds out your skin. Two basses will make you vibrate at frequencies you didn't know possible. The keys will put the melody in your mind for days. And the singer? Well, he's just handsome. Put your seatbelt on.

Perfoming three rock songs, they will be blasting vibes from the early 2000s.

Instagram: @airbag._.pmb

Expect other bands such as: The Light Music Club, and the Four Horsemen.

Dancing: Nasneen

A professionally-trained dancer, she has been practicing this for a long time. Blink and you'll miss it: her mesmerising moves will keep your eyes following.

Three other dancing performances follow.

Singing: Nancy

A Former PAIS student coming back to give us mellow sound of pop soul. Stay alert for this one; her singing voice will put you in a deep chill.

Another three singing performance, a couple explores the themes of love. Don't cry.

Chill 4 Charity is one of the most anticipated events hosted by Pan-Asia students. It showcases a wide assortment of shows and performances done by the students themselves. This year the event is hosted by the DP1 students with the theme Retrocon, it's a concert-based event that exhibits singing and dancing performances done for an illustrious cause. All proceeds from the event would be donated to UNICEF Thailand.